Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mental Health Camp

Last Wednesday, we had our third annual mental health camp. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Eran Magen spoke about how to be a better listener, and hence a better friend. His workshop was very informative and interactive! Afterward, people stuck around for some of our table events, which included a time management session with reps from Wiengarten, APA and mental health, a depression screening and some graduate student tables. There was also free massages!
Checking out the DP article on it here.

Nutter and the Census

Last Wednesday, Mayor Nutter came to Penn's campus to promote the Census! Our very own chair, Rohan Grover, introduced him. Check out the full story here. Make sure you send in your Census form!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Census...Again

Yes, I'm writing about the Census again! Besides today being Easter, today also marks the first day of Census week at Penn! Again, remember to drop your forms in the box outside of your College House's information desk.

Here's a picture of us at our last GBM, promoting our Census to AngryAsianMan.com: