Sunday, February 21, 2010

South Asia Studies Department

APSC is no stranger to working with the administration about the lack of support that relevant academic programs and departments get at Penn. The Asian American Studies Program continues to only be a small program. We are working to expand it but progress is slow!

Another problem? The South Asia Studies Department. Unlike the ASAM, it is already a department. However, it is slowly declining. Back when the department first started in 1948, Penn was the place to study South Asia. Now, it suffers from having few faculty members that specialize in few areas. APSC is working with the department and other student organizations, including Sangam, the South Asia Society, and Penn Pakistan, to create an undergraduate advisory board and to articulate student concerns to the school administration. We need to make sure that the department continues to be supported by the administration and that it will progress, not decline. Penn will benefit from finding more professors that specialize in more areas. As students, our first priority is to acquire a rich education and we hope that Penn works to better support SAST.

Check out the DP article on it:

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