Monday, March 22, 2010

The 2010 U.S. Census

It's that time of the decade...CENSUS YEAR! APSC has been working with the Office of Governmental Affairs to make sure that Penn students fill out this VERY IMPORTANT form by April 9th, 2010. The Census determines the amount of funding each district gets and how many political representatives we send to Washington. In short, it is absolutely vital that everyone fills out a Census form so that they are accurately represented. Students who reside on Penn campus should fill out the form for their Penn address, not their parents' home address. A breakdown of the Census is provided by the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Make sure to check your mailbox by April 1 and fill it out!
In the meantime, check out this Daily Show episode that features Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, who explains the Census. He appears at around minute 15:30. Or check out the beginning of the episode as well! Who needs to study right?

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