Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Census 2010

Tomorrow marks the final day that Census forms need to be sent in. But for college students, tomorrow is when we finally get the forms! APSC has been working with the school to make sure that students remember to fill out the Census and that they hand them in. On Thursday, April 1, all students that live in College Houses will receive their Census form. They have until April 9th to hand in those forms. There will be boxes at the front of their information desks for them to drop off their forms. The College Houses will also be holding a contest to see which house hands in the most forms! Next Wednesday at 4:30, Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia will be stopping by Lower Quad to celebrate the Census. Free pizza!

Make sure you count! The Census is of utmost importance--it's how each district gets federal money and how Congressional representatives are split up! Don't let Asian Americans get under-counted. Encourage your parents to fill out their forms (but remember to fill out yours too)!

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