Friday, March 26, 2010

Third Annual Mental Health Camp--Let's Care About our Mental Health

Asian American women have a higher rate of depression and suicide. APSC is dedicated to providing support for those that need it and this year, we worked with Counseling and Psychological Services to bring you another Mental Health Camp. Make sure to come!! Lots of food =]!/event.php?eid=103378959700706&ref=mf

Come attend this year’s Mental Health Camp organized by students for students!

This year’s Keynote speaker is Dr. Eran Magen who will lead an interactive session on how to transform our social interactions into opportunities for stress reduction by making them positive and supportive. Developing greater peer support will enhance overall well-being of students.

The Camp will also have information that deals with specific issues concerning Penn students like Depression, Perfectionism, Minority mental health concerns, time management, work/life balance and much more. . . Representatives from student groups and CAPS will be available for consultation.

Free Dinner and massages are provided for attendees!!!

Sponsors: Counseling and Psychological Services, Asian Pacific Student Coalition, Lamda Alliance, United Minorities Council, Umoja, Rapline, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA), Penn Medical Students

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